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DataBio project – Press release

DataBio project – PRESS RELEASE October 19, 2017 The DataBio project grows and opens-up to its stakeholders The “Data-driven Bio-economy” – DataBio project , having reached its 10th month of...

Supporting the Common Agricultural Policy through Earth Observation-based services

The identification of best practices that lead to the reduction of delivery costs without affecting the effectiveness is a key priority not only for...

The little link in the food chain with the big impact: Animal health

Europe benefits from one of the best food safety systems in the world, supported by comprehensive scientific advice all along the food chain. As...

Smart farming in Greece


Agricultural Innovation & Knowledge: Unlocking the potential of rural areas

Smart Farming in the early 2010s, was boosted by the advancement of new technologies such as Earth Observation (EO), cloud-based ICT systems and big data analytics. Recent technological improvements in terms of big data...

Applying Smart Farming services in the case of table grapes in Southern & Northern...

GAIA Epicheirein’s Smart Farming project is not only applied in the case of olives and dry beans, but also in the case of table grapes. In this case, GAIA Epicheirein is collaborating with the...
Code Generator, an innovative technology by NEUROPUBLIC

Code Generator, an innovative technology by NEUROPUBLIC

During your presentation you showed that the Code Generator is one of NEUROPUBLIC’s core technologies. More specifically, it is the technology that rendered NEUROPUBLIC...
Roxane-Feller: Innovation brings farmers together

Ypaithros Chora interview with Roxane Feller

The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) is a joint initiative representing 11 leading industry associations across the agri-food chain, united in their call for sustainable, solution-orientated and...
Junk food can cause mutation of erythrocytes

Junk food can cause mutation of erythrocytes

The research from Swansea University, UK, reached the aforementioned conclusion, reporting that low levels of antioxidants in a junk food diet creates destroyed erythrocytes. These...

Joint smart farming project for Agile and Alfa Seeds

The two companies have reached a strategic cooperation, which includes conducting a number of large scale experiments at wheat fields of different areas within...
Olive in innovative capsules

Olive in innovative capsules

The time when the doctors will prescribe extracts of some plants along with medicines is getting close. Currently, the School of Pharmacy of the...
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Developments in the Rural Economy of Greece

Developments-in-the-Rural-Economy-of-Greece--December2015This following report comprises a review of the most important developments in the country’s rural economy.
December 2015