9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture


or the 9th consecutive year, the Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture organized by GAIA EPICHEIREIN, a significant event for the primary and broader Greek agri-food sector, will take place on Monday, 17 July 2023 at the gaiasense HUB building in Piraeus and will be broadcast online.

Considering that year 2023 is particularly critical, as it is the first year of implementation of the new CAP, the Congress will once again become a reference point for all those involved in the country’s agricultural sector, and an important forum for their concerns. The participation of renowned representatives from the political scene, as well as experts and representatives of the sector from Greece and abroad, will guarantee a constructive discussion and a fruitful exchange of ideas.

With a thematic focus on “Greek agriculture towards 2030: achieving sustainability with the support of the CAP”, the 9th Congress will tackle the need to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of EU and Greek agriculture in the face of the major challenges of climate change and geopolitical upheavals, but also the necessity to produce more –and better– with less through the green and digital transition of the production processes.

The 2030 milestone is particularly important in this respect, as it represents the deadline for achieving the targets set by the “Farm to fork” and “Biodiversity” strategies, as well as the EU’s climate objective to reduce emissions within its borders by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels. Legislation serving these ambitious goals, a part of it already underway, is expected to be gradually integrated into national CAP strategic plans, radically changing the production profile for both European and Greek agriculture.

In this framework, the 9th Congress will trigger an in-depth discussion on current global, EU and Greek climate-related challenges affecting the agricultural sector, the relevant CAP tools, as well as strategic options and best practices from EU Member States.

The 9th Congress is organized in the context of the Information Measure CAP4Clima, implemented by GAIA EPICHEIREIN and supported by the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission. The 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture will also be broadcast live via a digital platform. You can register for free using the following link: https://www.eventora.com/en/Events/9th-panellinio-synedrio-gaia


09.00 – 09.30 Registration

09.30 – 09.35  Congress Opening

09.35 – 09.45 Welcome speech by Christodoulos Antoniadis, President of GAIA EPICHEIREIN

09.45 – 10.30 Welcome addresses

10.30 – 11.45 Opening Session – How to enhance the sustainability of EU and Greek agriculture with the support of the CAP

Paolo de Castro, Member, European Parliament | former Chairman, Committee on Agriculture & Rural Development, European Parliament | Former Minister of Agriculture of Italy

Pierre Bascou, Deputy Director-General, DG Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission

Yves Madre, President, FARM EUROPE

Tassos Haniotis, Senior Guest Research Scholar, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) | former Director, DG for Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission

Ioannis Chaniotakis, Senior Director, Agricultural Sector Development, Piraeus Bank Group

Moderation: Elli Tsiforou, CEO, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

11.45 – 12.00 Coffee Break

12.00 – 13.15 1st Panel Session – CAP 2023-2027: IACS and innovative tools for the green and digital transition

Evangelia Mourmoura, Team Leader, Digitalization, DG Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission

Ioannis Mavroudis, Executive Director, NEUROPUBLIC

Manos Sdrakas, Director, advisory services NOVAPLAN | Member of BoD, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

Giannis Pazios, Director General, Agricultural Cooperative «Messinia Union»

Moderation: Dimitris Kapnias, Senior Manager, Large Scale Projects, NEUROPUBLIC

13.15 – 14.30 Lunch Break

14.30 – 14.40 FOCUS – Ploutos programme – A sustainable innovation framework to rebalance agri-food value chains

Nikos Marianos, Senior Project Manager, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

14.40 – 16.30 2nd Panel Session – Sectorial strategies to strengthen the market potential of agricultural products

Gabriel Trenzado Falcon, Director General, Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de Espana


Introduction to the sector: Maria Gkoulta, Project Manager, Collective Projects Department AGRON SA

Georgios Perogiannakis, President, Olivegrowing Agricultural Cooperative of Embaros

Georgios Oikonomou, Director General, Association of Greek Olive Oil Standardization Industries (SEVITEL)


Introduction to the sector: Angeliki Lagogianni, Agronomist, Rural Development & Project Management department, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

Chlearchos Sarantidis, Director General, Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala

Enzo Filardo, President, Producer Organization OP Natura | Regional Vice-President for Calabria, Confcooperative


Introduction to the sector: Maria Korre, Agronomist, Rural Development & Project Management department, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

Efthimis Foteinos, President, Interprofessional Organization of Cotton


Introduction to the sector: Eirini Prodromidou, Agronomist, Rural Development & Project Management department, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

Panagiotis Peveretos, President, Hellenic Livestock Breeders Association (SEK)

Moderation: Nikos Lappas, Director, Ypaithros Chora

16.30 – 17.45 Roundtable Discussion – Greek agriculture 2030: strategic priorities for the sustainability and growth potential of Greek agriculture

Spyridon Kintzios, Rector, Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)

Napoleon Maravegias, Deputy Rector of Administrative Affairs, UoA | Emeritus Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, UoA

Spyros Danellis, Coordinator, Unit of European Policy, Central Political Secretariat, SYRIZA-PA | former Member, Greek Parliament | former Member, European Parliament

Athanasios Petropoulos, Secretary, Rural Development and Food, PASOK-KINAL| Member, Steering Committee, Regional Department of Peloponnese & Western Central Greece, Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEOT.E.E.)

George Katsoulis, President, Association of Agricultural Cooperative Organizations and Enterprises of Greece (SASOEE)

Moderation: Elli Tsiforou, CEO, GAIA EPICHEIREIN

17.45-18.00 Congress Conclusions