Greek Minister of Rural Development & Food praises the smart farming approach of SmartAgriHub’s FIE26

On Thursday July 9, Greek Minister of Rural Development & Food Mr. Makis Voridis visited the premises of Marathon Bio Products at Marathon, Attica, Greece – where the Flagship Innovation Experiment 26 of SmartAgriHubs is taking place.

The Minister was guided around the premises of the historical estate of Emmanouil Benakis, discussed with the owners and employees of the company and had the opportunity to see in practice the application of best agricultural practices followed by the company, such as organic farming, crop rotation etc.

Mr. Voridis praised the smart farming model applied by Marathon Bio Products, which contributes to the sustainable food production and the increase of productivity with the minimum possible use of natural resources, referring to the concept as “a good practice that must be promoted and supported”, as he characteristically mentioned.

The aforementioned smart farming system is the gaiasense smart farming system that Marathon Bio Products applies in the organic cultivation of vegetables like broccoli in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and NEUROPUBLIC, in the context of the Flagship Innovation Experiment 26 of SmartAgriHubs.

You can find more information in the Press Release of the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food: