Innovative exploitation of meat from egg-production chickens

Innovative exploitation of meat from egg-production chickens

A smart and innovative way for the exploitation of egg-production chickens was discovered by one of the Operational Teams which operate through EIP-AGRI. Based at Essen of Germany, Biohuhn, as the specific operational team is named, is giving the opportunity to poultry farmers of the region to give added value to a product of limited exploitation.

At a first stage, the poultry farmers were investing in egg-production chickens of biological breeding, as their eggs exhibited a high demand by the consumers. However, later on, when their production life cycle was ending, the producers could not sell them for their meat. The reasons were the following: The price of the market for the meat of egg-production chickens in comparison with the respective meat of biological chickens which were bred for the production of meat, was considerably lower.

In addition, their meat, in comparison with the respective meat of chickens of conventional breeding, was considerably less tasty and of lower quality. The lack of demand of biological meat from egg-production chickens from the market was the reason for the poultry farmers of Hessen to be motivated and to search for a different “usage” of their product.

The solution
The response to the problem of the poultry farmers came from Biohuhn. The operational team, recognizing the market trend, proposed the promotion of processed and ready for consumption meals based on chickens of high nutritional value. Beyond that, it aimed at engaging more consumers, creating an innovative strategy of marketing to address mostly new consumers.

Today the particular Operational Team has concluded the first phase of works and has programmed the launching of innovative products out of chicken meat. During this month, the products will be available in the market at pilot shops of the region, while at the same time a research will be conducted in which the consumers will participate in tasting tests. Biohuhn, taking into consideration the criteria of its customers and also the degree of appeal which its products will have to the public, will launch its products at the second semester of 2017.