Joint smart farming project for Agile and Alfa Seeds

A joint project by Agile Agriculture Technologies and Alfa Seeds aims to highlight the benefits of smart farming for the producer – starting this cultivation period.


The two companies have reached a strategic cooperation, which includes conducting a number of large scale experiments at wheat fields of different areas within the plain of Thessaly. In the fields included in the experiment, uniform sowing will take place and subsequently the farm will be divided in two equal sections. In the first section, the producer will keep growing wheat in the traditional method which he/she follows while at the second half, precise fertilization with the usage of the innovative automation system EyeQ, developed by Agile Agriculture Technologies, will be applied. At the end of the cultivation season, the two sections will be separately harvested, aiming to precisely define the profit margin which the producer gained by using EyeQ.

The cooperation of the two companies consists of

a) providing customers with access to products of smart farming,

b) collection and exploitation of farm data based on the real (qualitative/quantitative) improvement of production and

c) the immediate response to the needs of the producers through specialized expertise.

As they announce through their statement, the companies expect to provide Greek producers with the opportunity to get to know the benefits of sustainable smart farming, increasing their production, reducing inputs and improving the qualitative characteristics of their products, while at the same time they protect the valuable environment. The Laboratory of Agricultural Engineering of the Department of Agricultural Plant Production and Agricultural Environment of the University of Thessaly, Greece will also have a crucial role in the project.