Junk food can cause mutation of erythrocytes

A diet rich in non-healthy food such as junk and processed food, can destroy erythrocytes, leading to cancerous mutations.

Junk food can cause mutation of erythrocytes

The research from Swansea University, UK, reached the aforementioned conclusion, reporting that low levels of antioxidants in a junk food diet creates destroyed erythrocytes.

These cells are vital for the human function, transmitting oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the human body, while they also remove the remains of carbon dioxide from the organism. The head of research, Dr. Hasan Haboubi, gastroenterologist and cancer researcher at Swansea University, stated that the life style and more specifically the diet, is closely related to the health of even our most small cells. If the diet that we follow is not good, this reflects in the condition of that cells.


Dr. Haboubi and his team reached the aforementioned conclusion, while trying to develop a blood test for cancer. More specifically, there were significant variations among the volunteers who participated in the research as ostensibly healthy people following a bad diet may exhibit high levels of mutation in their erythrocytes. The professor stated “Those who did not consume adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables as well as fish in a lower degree, had a double rate of mutation”. He pointed out that there was a significant statistic relation between diet and the rate of mutation. Finally, he stated that this finding, which was observed entirely by chance, can signal the finding of the biomarker for the quality of human diet.