OliveOil ID: An innovative approach for the Isotopic Determination of the Geographical Origin of Olive Oil

GAIA EPICHEIREIN, in collaboration with olive oil production cooperatives from the islands of Lesvos and Crete, along with the Plant Production Laboratory of the University of Patras, have joined forces in the context of the project titled “Isotopic Determination of the Geographical Origin of Olive Oil” (OliveOil ID). 

The aim of the project is the development of the first isotopic and elemental fingerprint map for Greek olive oil, which will allow the validation (and therefore the certification) of the geographical origin of olive oil, to help address unfair competition practices. The gradual development of the map and the recording of relevant data will allow the provision of secure information to consumers, while at the same time, producers will be able to accurately prove the geographical zone of origin of their olive oil.  

The project is being carried out in two phases: In the first phase, GAIA EPICHIREIN as the leading organization of the partnership, carries out the necessary coordination and preparation actions through appropriate trainings for the member-cooperatives with the direct involvement of the agricultural cooperatives and the local olive oil producers of Mytilini. While, in the second phase, the members of the formation, in collaboration with the University’s laboratory, proceed with the recording of the first experimental data. The result will be to develop a standard procedure for identifying the geographical origin of olive oil. 

It is important to highlight that OliveOil ID has a clear commercial orientation, with the development of a technological structure and service that can be applied to other food categories or product groups. The process followed by the project introduces a new form of cooperation between companies located within the already demarcated PDO and PGI geographical zones to highlight the particular and unique soil and geological parameters that affect the chemical composition of olive oil. The implementation of the project aims to increase the commercial value of the entire value chain from the field to the shelf and the final consumer. 

Fort more information you can visit the OliveOil ID website at https://oliveoil-id.gr/