Producers of Crete support the “Kritiko Iama” (“Cretan Remedy”)

Fifteen years of research

Producers of Crete support the “Kritiko Iama” (“Cretan Remedy”)

The product with the Cretan signature came up out of the research of Ilias Kastanas, Christos Lionis and Stergios Pirintsios, all Professors from the University of Crete. It will be launched at the pharmacies of Crete on Monday 9 of November 2016, when its official presentation will take place at Rethymno, while for the rest of the pharmacies, it will arrive probably at 11 of November when its presentation will take place at Athens.

The “Kritiko Iama” (“Cretan Remedy”) is a non-prescribed product, the scientific research of which started 15 years ago. The first studies were published at the Lancet medical journal in 1999 while the most recent publication was in January of 2015 at the International Scientific Journal of Ethnopharmacology. At a Conference on olive oils that took place recently at Kritsa of Lasithi, Crete, the scientists referred to a research they are conducting for one more medicine against cholesterol based on olive oil and aromatic plants.

Burning bush, thyme and sage against flu and infections

Cretan producers play an active role in the preparation of the formulation of “Kritiko Iama”, which opens a new pathway for organized cultivations of aromatic plants, and economic benefits for them.

The new field of action of the Cretan producers, especially from Rethymno, is focused on the three main herbs of Crete (burning bush, thyme and sage), which are the basic components of “Kritiko Iama”, which will be available at the pharmacies across the country. Its efficiency is considered to be such that it is exaggeratingly described as the “Aspirin of Crete”.

According to the laboratory research, its beneficial effect has been documented, especially for the upper respiratory tract infection, relief of colds and also against common influenza.

An opportunity for the producers

“It’s a new opportunity for the members of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Rethymno”, stated Mr. Nikistratos Charokopos the President of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Rethimno, who signed two years ago a contract of collaboration with Galenica; the pharmaceutical company responsible for the commercialization and distribution of “Kritiko Iama.” As stated by the president of the Union, the support to the efforts of scientists began 6-7 years ago, when the funding of the research started, while in the context of the signed contract, 3-4 tons of herbs and olive oil of high quality have already been sent. “The cooperative hopes that the release of the formulation will increase the interest in the organized cultivation of the three herbs, while at the same time it will support the members-producers who will cultivate them with an additional income. Until that time, the by-production is no more than 10 acres, but depending on the distribution and demand for the formulation, the need for additional production will grow. The estimations of the scientists on the course of “Kritiko Iama” are optimistic. I do not know what quantities of aromatic plants will be needed if they are verified, it is certain though, that if the preparation is going well, in difficult times, a new field is being formed for our members, which can certainly give them a good extra income ” Mr. Charokopos added.